Why hello there!

Hi! How are you? I’ve just discovered I’m likely to have IBS. This time last year I was learning more and more about ADHD, and got diagnosed with the inattentive type before Christmas of 2012. A few years ago now I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the middle of my first degree.

The name MadadiousMoggy comes from the fact I have a short attention span, always seem to get under my other-half’s feet, and there always seems to be something going on with me medical wise. I’m not looking for attention, I just want to talk about it all somewhere neutral and put any useful links and information all in one place. Who knows, it might help someone else!

I’m a woman in my mid-20’s and live in the UK. I have just moved from an area in the South(ish) to an area in the North(ish). I’ve just gone back to university to study to be a nurse after having worked in the scientific industry for a few years. I’ve been a volunteer first aider for a number of years since I did my first degree. My other half is a medical professional, as are other members of my family. So therefore I only have time for medical and scientific information that has gone under peer-review and proper scrutiny. You will not find advocacy for homoeopathy, chiropractic practice, reiki etc here – unless it has been shown that they are actually and properly scientifically valid for particular treatments. (So you will find a positive attitude towards acupuncture for the treatment of musculo-skeletal problems.) Google Tim Minchin “Storm” if you want a short explanation as to why, as I cannot put it better myself.

I want to remain anonymous so that I can live my life as normally as possible, and so that people and organisations around me who I care about are also not likely to be affected by anything I post. I may occasionally put up information or useful documents that someone may recognise and be able to identify me from if you already know me in reality. If this is ever the case, might I ask you to contact me and let me know? Oh – and also to keep it to yourself 🙂


If  you ever have any questions or just want to say hi, please do leave a comment or drop me a line. I may take a while to reply to you, but please be patient. I like talking to people in general, however I will not enter into pointless arguments (unless I’m in a mood) or reply to messages of distasteful intent.


Erm, also, I need to tell you now that I haven’t been “big” on internet communication in the past, so a lot of terms and acronyms escape me. Text-speak I can do, to a small extent, but please write in full sentences and try to use punctuation. If you have difficulty with this, that’s fair enough. But if you’re just being lazy, well then you don’t really have an excuse ;o) I am not stupid, I am not (really) an overly posh-whotsit on a soapbox. I just like to be totally understand and be understood.